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We Seek to Partner with Schools and Organizations to Help them Implement Coding Programs through Camps, Clubs, and Customized Workshops.

My 1st Code wants to help bring coding education to Nashville area and provide schools the opportunity to teach students how to code. We will get you started!  We offer a key solution by providing the curriculum and the ongoing teachers' training.


My 1st Code believes that everyone should be encouraged and provided the opportunity to explore Computer Science.  Teaching kids how to write code could unleash their creativity, expose them to the essential skills of the 21st century, sparks  their interests in IT, and help them discover a new passion!

""We had a class of 17 8th grade girls that lasted for two hours.  The girls were SO excited the entire time.  These girls were exposed to a potential future that they didn't even know existed before today.  I am so glad that we decided to do this class with them.  It has put such a big smile on my face seeing how excited these young girls got about coding!"  Nora Moser, Library Media Specialist, Two Rivers Middle Prep

"The coding club has been a very enlightening experience for me. Coding can be very useful in later life and many jobs will require knowledge in technology. Learning how to code web pages helped me understand how web technologies work.   Although most of our class are boys, I think that girls will enjoy this a lot as well. I know I sure did." 
Student at Sunset Middle

"This is an excellent coding club & will definitely help students who are excited about programming." 
Volunteer at Woodland Middle School

"Evin loves the coding class! It is the highlight of his day."
 Parent at Sunset Middle School

"The curriculum was laid out very well, and I found the instruction guide to be incredibly useful."
 Instructor at Brentwood Middle School

At my1stCode we seek to partner with schools and organizations to help them implement coding programs through camps, clubs, and customized workshops. We offer training and project-based curriculum in various technologies. The curriculum is catered for those age 10 to 18 and is designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of programming and web technologies. Our project-based learning approach helps students gain the essential skills of the 21st century in an engaging, fun, and collaborative environment.

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